Empty Match Boxes-- --Long ones 3
Magazine sheets-as your wish or Photos of your baby


1.Take Empty Match boxes long one and Cover  and Stick with your Baby Photos and allow to dry.
2.Stick the 3 Match Boxes  in your favori


1.Should take Beetroot juice:
The Juice of raw Beetroot is a very  effective Remedy for lowering the Blood pressure.drink a Cup of Beetroot Juice Twice Daily.
Nutrints,Proteins,Vitamins and all the Vitamin of group-B (particularly Pantothenic acid) are beneficial in the  prevention  and lowering  of Blood Pressure.

2.SALT:The use of Salt is valuable  in controlling Low Blood Pressure,till Blood Pressure reaches normal levels,the person should take salty Food,Take Half teasp

How to Make Gobi 65 or CAULIFLOWER 65




  • 1 medium sized Cauliflower
  • Corn flour -50 grms
  • Maida -50 grms
  • Egg -1
  • Water -1/2 cup
  • Green chilly sauce -2 tb spoons
  • Soya sauce -2 tb spoons
  • Ginger Garlic paste -1 tb spoon

How to make Andhra style Gongura Ground Nut Roti Pachchadi


Gongura-1 cup (Fresh)
Green chillies-5,
Onion pieces-1/2 cup
Tamarind-small piece
Groundnuts-1/2 cup
Salt tasty
Oil-2 spoons
Mustered seeds-1 tea spoon
Urad dal-1 spoon
Chena dal-1 spoon
Red chilly pieces-3


  1. Roast Ground nuts in a pan and allow to cool,heat oil in the same Pan and fry Gongura  leaves,and kept a side.
  2. Add onions and green chillies  for few minutes and allow to cool.
  3. Grind tamarind,Ground nuts,fried gongura leaves,onions,green chillies in rolu with some salt.
  4. Haet the oil in a pan and add Mustured seeds,chena dal,urad dal and red chillies and add grinded pickle  with curry leaves.
  5. Yumy Ground nut gongura pickle is ready to taste with rice.
For More Videos you can visit Attamma TV on youtube


Materials required:

Ice cream sticks,
Flower bunches.


1.Take Ice cream sticks  even shape and size.
2.First decide a shape,which you have to prepare a vase ,here I took pentagonal shape which was liked by me.

Andhra Special Dry Fish - Brinjal Curry


How to Make Dry Fish Coobination with Brinjal Curry

Oil-3 spoons
Onion-1 chopped
Green chilly-2
Tamarind-Amla sized
Chilly powder-1 spoon
 Dryfish-2(Medium sized)

Brinjals-1/4 k.g.

  • Take Dry fish and cut in to pieces and washed with water and scales are  cleaned with knife and soak in water for 2 mints,and take out of water and lept in a plate.


 We  can make a lot of Crafts from Wastes and make them with other decorative material and arrange with these  Own Decorative pieces  in your Halls or Bed room and Living Room.They looks very amazing and very satisfied  your self.Make one small thing with empty shells and color pens.

Materials required:

Empty Egg shells,
Schetch Pens set.


Take some Empty Egg shells and Wash with Soap water and wipe with Cotton Cloth and kept aside



Wheat flour-2 cup

Grated coconut-1 cup
Sugar-1 cup
Milk-1/2  cup
Cardamom powder-1 sp
Ghee-3 Spoons
Cashew nuts-1/4 cup
Pinch of salt


1. Mix  wheat flour and little salt with water and make smooth dough and kept a side for 10 mints.
2.Take a pan and add ghee and fry coconut grated and  fry on low flame until it comes to brown color and add sugar and stir well until sugar melts and like thick consistency and  add cardamom and stir well and keep aside for further preparation.
3.Take Wheat dough and make lemon size balls and Flatted like chapattis .
4.Place this Sweet Coconut mixture in the middle of the chapattis and close all the sides and again roll it out with some thick chapattis.
5.Take a pan  Add ghee  and Place the sweet coconut parotas  and fry both sides with ghee and taste it .
6.Yumy sweet coconut parota are ready to eat.

Ground Nut Green Chilly Chutney

Ground nuts- 1 cup
Green chilly-6
Garlic cloves-2
Oil-3 spooons

For tampering:
Musturd seeds-1 spoon
Cumin-1/2 spoon
Curry leaves-1 bunch
Red chilly-2
Oil-1 sp

1.Take a dry pan and add Groundnuts and fry until  they become  well fried and little turns of color and allow to cool.
2.Take ground nuts and rub with  hands and  peel the fried nuts and clean well  and place in a Bowl.
3. Take a pan and add oil and place Greenn chillis and close the lid and fry for 3 mins till they were well cooked, and placed in a  plate.
4.Add Garlic cloves in the same pan and remove from oil and add onion pieces and fry and remove from flame and kept aside.
5.Mix all the ingredients (Groundnuts,Greenchilly, onions, Garlicloves) and add pinch of tamarind and Grind well in mixy.
6.Add some water and salt to the chutney and grind weel in a mixy.
7.For tampering take a pan and add  oil and place mustered seeds and allow to crackle and add cumin and red chilly and curry leaves  add Grinded  chutney and stir well  on low flame.
8.It was very very tasty  chutney with Idly and Dosa.

Hot mixture (Or) Karapu Boondi


Rice flour-1 spoon.
Besanflour-1 cup
Raw chilly powder-2 spoons
Water-1 or 2 cups
Crushed ginger-Small piece
Curry leaves-few,
Raw peanuts-1/4 cup
Oil-For deep fry.


1.Mix besanflour ,rice flour ,Raw chilly powder ,salt and 1 or 2 cups of water in a bowl mix with out lumps
2.The batter  should not be loose and should not be so tight.
3.Take a pan and add 3 spoons of oil  for  fry  to this ad Garlic,Ginger,curry leaves,Peanuts,Fry till they become cooked and turns in to light brown color and kept
A side.
4.Heat oil in deep bottomed Pan and pour  ladle the Batter in to Boondi spoon or  small holed  Spoon and Rub it with another  spoon and drops evenly in to oil .
5.Fry till the Boondi gets Brown color and take in to a plate .
6.Finally Mix all the ingredients to Boondi and preserve in tight lid tin.

Tomato Garlic Red Chilly Chutney


Red chillies-4
Curry leaves-a springs
Coriander leaves-2 springs
Oil-3 spoons
Mustered seeds-1/2 spoon


1.Heat a spoonful oil and fry Red chillies and fry for a minute.
2.Add Tomato pieces and saute for 4 mints and place a lid over it ,it will decreases the sauteing  time.
3.Add Garlic,curry leaves,Coriander leaves and salt and then remove from Heat.
4.Let this Mixture cool for 5 minutes and then grind this mixture with out adding water.
5.Heat 1 or 2 table spoons of oil in a pan ,add Mustered seeds and urad dal ,once it splutters.
6.Remove from heat and serve this with ½ table spoon of oil  over it .
7. It was very very tasty with Idly and Dosa.

Boondi laddoo


Besan flour-2 cups
Sugar-1 cup
Cashew nuts-15
Dry Grapes-15
Milk-2 to 3 cups
Ghee- For deep fry


1.Mix Besan flour in 1 or 2 cups  Milk without any lumps.The Batter should be little watery and not so thick.
2.Heat 2 spoons of Ghee in a Pan.Add Cashew nuts ,Dry grapes,Caradamom and cloves, fry till cashew nut turns in to light Brown color and kept a side.
3.To prepare Sugar syrup Heat sugar and cup of water in a vessel ,allow to boil till Sugar iscomplely  dissolved in water and the syrup sticks in between the fingers.
4.Take another deep bottomed pan and heat Ghee for deep fry in medium flame.Pour the batter in over theperforated ladle with small holes evenly.And drops in to   hot Ghee and fry on sym,do not over cook this.
5.Itshould not be crispy.Drain this boondi and put in Sugar Syrup.Repeat the same process for whole batter.
6.Mix well the Sugar Syrup,boondi,finally add Fried dry fruits and then make balls in warm stage,if the batter cools the ladoo will not be sticky so make laddoo’s inhot condition.

Coconut Laddo

Grated coconut -3 cups
Milk—2 cups
Sugar-100 grms

1.Break a Coconut and remove the kemel from the shells,Cut the coconut in to small pieces and Grated them only white color of the Coconut.
2.Take cardamoms and powdered smooth and cover with a lid and kept a side.
3.Take a dry and thick Bottomed pan and add  ghee and add Grated Coconut   fry on low  Flame  until the color changes in to brown.
4.At that time add milk and allow to boil till the mixture comes thicker.
5. Keep on stirring and add Sugar and condensed milk and keep on stirring  until itcomes tothick Khoa.
6.Add the cardamom powder and mix well .
7.Cook themixture until it startsleaving the sides of the Pan.
8.Take this coconut mixture in to ghee smeared plate and allow to cool for ½ hour.
9.When the mixture gets cooled take the mixture in to lemon size balls and make laddos.
10.Yumy coconut ladoo’s are ready to eat.
11.Try this recipe for festivals and can be preserved for 1 week.

Cabbage Coconut Fry

Cabbage Turumu  (Grated Cabbage)-1 cup
Raw Coconut Grated-1 cup,
Green chilly-2,
Mustered seeds -1 spoon,
Oil-3 Table Spoons,
Water-1 ½  Cup.
Red  Chilly Powder-1 Spoon,

Turmeric Powder-1/2 spoon.

1.Take  a Cabbage and Grated well with Fine pieces.
2. Take  2 green chilly  and sliced longitudinally,
3. Take  a pan add water and allowed to Boiled and add some salt  to the Water .
4. Rinse  extra  water and Drain the Cabbage Pieces  in a holed jali.
5. Take a Non stick Pan add Oil and heat it and Splutter the Mustered seeds and add       green chilly ,curry leaves  and add Cooked Cabbage and stir well for 5 mints.
6.Add  Turmeric Powder .Red Chilly Powder and ,Salt   cook for 2 minutes.
7. Finally add Grated Coconut   and stir well for another 2 mints on low Flame.
8.Delicious Cabbage Fry is Ready to Serve and Serve with Rice .


1. Use of Microwave oven is compulsory in our daily life ,after using it was some what Difficult to clean the inner side of the Microwave oven.So by Knowing Some simple Tips  We can clean Easily.

                                              Tip:--Take 4 spoons of salt and mix in ½ cup cooking Soda , with Little Water and make a thick paste and apply this paste in side Corners of Micro Wave and clean with water and wipe with cotton cloth.

                                                Tip:-Take ½ cup water and equal quantities of Vinegar and fill this liquid in Spray Bottle and Spray when ever microwave to clean , after w

Kerala Style Malabar Biryani

 When We are in Kerala,We had a Kerala style Biryani . That is Sweet and spicy ,which was very Different Taste and Style we ware ever ate,So I Want to Learn The Malabar Biryani In Kerala Style one of  My Friend Has Told me that Preparation  Of Malabar Biryani  in Home Which Was Very Tasty ,So You also Try the Same Recipe in Home and Enjoy.


Basmathi rice-1 kg,Chicken -1 kg,
Biryani  masala paste(Green chilly,Cloves,Fennel,,Cardamon,peppercorn)—4 tb spoons,
Green chilly-10,
Ginger garlic paste-2 tbspoons,
Coriander leaves—50 grms,
Mint leaves—25 grms,
Curd-150 ml,
Tomato-150 grms,
Black  cumin—1 spoon,
Cinnamon stick—2 pieces,
Bay leave-2,
Cashew nuts-50 grms,
Kismis-20 grms,
Ghee-200 grms,
Coriander powder-2 tbsp,
Milk-500 ml,
Saffron-1 pinch,
Water for rice -1 litre.


1.Heat the Ghee in a pan ,saute the onions till golden brown color and add sliced tomatoes saute  well.
2.Put ginger garlic paste ,curd and biryani  masala and turmeric powder and coriander powder.
3.Add the Chicken pieces and cook well .
4.Soak the rice about 15 mints,drain well.
5.Melt the ghee in pan and add in the spices and sliced onion mint,coriander leaves and cashew nuts,kismis,bayleaf  saute  them till nice smell is coming.
6.Add milk and water ,allowed to rolling boil at that movement add rice and lower the flame and cover and continue to cook for 15 minutes.
7.Take another pan and place half the rice in to it  and add the chicken on the top of the chicken ,and spread to make an even layer.
8.Make random holes through the rice  with a spoon and pour  saffron milk.
9.Place a cup  of ghee, fried onion,cashew nuts and kismis on the surface and cover tightly.
10.Serve hot the yummy  biryani.

Kerala Mixed vegetable curry( Avial)

 When we are in Kerala ,I had Learned from our  Neighbors a Lot of Kerala  Dishes,
In those one of My Favorite dish is Avial ,Just like our Mixed vegetable  curry ,It was so Different in Taste and Preparation,and Easy also,Try This Kerala  Style recipe.


Beans-100 grms,
Raw banana-1,
Yam-25 grms,
Coconut-1,oil-100 ml,
Salt tasty,
Jeera-1 spoon,
Curd-50 ml.
Turmeric powder-1/2 spoon,
Curry leaves-1 bunch.


1.Cut carrot,beans,Banana,Yam and Drumsticks in to pieces.
2.Boil the vegetables with turmeric powder with little water,
3.Make grated coconut ,jeera,gr in to smooth paste.
4.Add this in to vegetables & cook for 5 mints and add salt.
5.Heat  oil in kadai  and curry leaves for tempering.
6.Add beaten curd to the Vegetables mixture  after removing from fire &add the oil   tempering.
7.Serve hot or Serve as a side dish 

Gutti Vankaya Curry or Brinjal stalks Curry


Small Brinjal-1 cup,
1 onion ,
4 Green chilies,
1 tomato,
1 spoon  Red chilly Powder,
½ spoon Turmeric Powder,
Salt to taste,
spoon of Curry leaves,
spoon of Coriander   leaves,
 2 spoon of  Garam  masala,
spoon of Ginger Garlic paste,
spoon Coriander Powder,
spoon gasagasa and 2 Cloves of Garlic cloves,
1 Cup Oil,


1.Take small sized with Stalks Brinjals, cleaned and wiped with cotton cloth.

2 .Make a cut longitudinally  and another cut horizontally like + symbol and keep a side.

3.Take a pan and add oil for deep fry  and when the oil was heated  dropped these Brinjals, and deep fry on medium flame.

4.While frying stir with a spoon until they were evenly  cooked.
5.Take out of the oil and  placed in paper napkin to absorb excess oil ,then drop remaining   Brinjal’s and fry them evenly.

6. Take onion and green chilly in rolu or mixy jar and grind like crushing.

7.Take Garlic cloves and gasagasa and  grind well in a mixy  or grind in rolu like smooth paste and kept a side.

8.Take a pan and add oil and allow to heat for 1 min and add crushed onion green chilly paste and close the lid and fry till they become golden color.

9.Add tomato pieces and fry them and add  coriander powder  and close the lid  ,cook for 2 mins .

10.Add  Fried Brinjals and stir carefully and close the lid for 1 min.

11.Add red chilly Powder and Turmeric Powder and salt and add 1 cup of water and cook for 5 mins on low flame.

12.Add garam  masala and  cook for 1 min and add gasagasa  garlic cloves paste and also cook for 5 mins till they  become thick Gravy.

13 Garnish With  curry leaves and Coriander Leaves .

14.Serve hot with Plain Rice And Serve As a Side dish.

It was Very Very Special Recipe for Andhra  People ,which was very Tasty  and doen’t Know for Other State People  . Try  this Recipe  For special dish  of your  Weekly menu.

Fill Your Kiddy Banks With Dollars

Every Year we will Plan to save money ,but we are only planning not in fallowing this year  We will take a decision and bind to this decision.

 At the time of my Marriage my dad was very

Gas saving tips

Gas saving tips

Small tips will save a lot of Cooking Gas. We can’t believe that how the tips play a major role in  saving. Some of the Gas  saving tips I was learned from my Attamma (mother in law).

Do you believe that in my   mother- in- laws house 14 kgs gas ,will not ends till





2 cups-maida,
½ tsp baking powder,
1 cup yogurt or curd ,
Sunflower oil for deep fry,
1 cup jaggery,
¼ tsp caradamom powder,
2 drops oforange colour,
1 tbsp rose water.

1.mix the maida and baking powder and yogurt in to a batter and keep aside for 24 hours to ferment well.

2.To make jaggery syrup melt the jaggery withrose water,and little water  and boil to get a one thread consistency .

3.Turn  off fire  and add saffron strands and caradamom and stir well.

4.Heat the oil in a deep bottomed vessel ,to test for the right temperature drop small amount of batter in to the iol .If it sizzles and rises to the top of the oil ,the oilis nothot enough.Keep the flame on medium  at all times toansure all round cooking of the jelebis.

5.Now take clean ,cotton cloth and make a small hole in middle and pour the batter and close the cloth and toght with your hand and carefully place the pour in jilebi shape or round shape  .

6.Fry till light golden colour and then remove and put directly in to the jaggery syrup.

7Allow to soak for 2 minsand then remove.

8.Garnish with extra jaggery syrup and crushed almonds.

9.Make this recipe as a festival dish and it contains sufficient amounts of iron by jaggery.

10.Enjoy the delicious dish.



 Cauliflowers medium sized-2(2 cups of cauliflower cloves)
 Fry redchilly powder or raw redchilly powder—1 ½ sp,
 Sunfloer oil-1 cup,
 eSalt tasty,
Turmeric powder—1/2 sp,
Coriander powder-1 sp if u want.
Coriander  leaves hand full.
Mustered seeds-1 sp.
Jeera-1/2 sp.


1.take Cauliflowers and cut in to cloves and kept a side .
2.Take  a pan and add 1 cup of water and 1 sp salt  and and bring it to rolling boiled and place these cauliflower cloves  for 2 mins to kill any microbes  present inside the cloves.
3.Take a pan and add oil about 1 cup and allow to heat for 1 min and add these half boiled  cauliflowers and fry till they become golden colour.
4.Take out of oil and place in a paper napkin to obsorbe excess oil.
5.Take another pan and add 2 sp oil and add mustered seeds till they crackled.
6.add jeera and add curry leaves and after add fried cauliflower and then add red chilly powder and turmeric and salt and stir in between .
7.Add coriander powder and stir well and garnish with coriander leaves.
8.Fry this recipe in medium flame.
9.Eat out as a side dish with sambar or pappu or as a fry.

RiceCoconut ladoo;

RiceCoconut ladoo; Ingredients; 

1 cup Rice,
1/3 cup coconut milk,
2/3 coconut scraped,
1 drop yellow colour,
1 1/3 cup jaggery grated,
Pinch of salt.
Ghee to fry.


1.Take Rice and soak them in water for a few hours.
2.Drain the water.
3.Add scraped coconut and pressed rice and grind it with  rice to make a thick paste.
4.To the mixture  add coconut milk ,jaggery ,salt ,and yellow colour,
5.Mix them well and leave it for atleast10 hours so thatit is fermented.
6.Take appam gridle on high flame and then lower down the flame.
7.Put a spoonful of ghee and drop batter  in each dent.
8.When  comes to golden brown remove from the heat and serve.

Sweet Mango Pickle (Andhra Style)

Sweet Mango Pickle


  • Raw mongoes—peeled and sclice them –1 kg.
  • Jaggery—2 ¾ cup,
  • Salt—120 gms.

Kajji Kayalu;

Kajji Kayalu; Ingredients;

Ghee /oil for deep fry.
½ kg maida.
6 table spoon melted ghee.

For filling.

½ kg khova.
20 gms raisins,
20 gms  Almonds.
20 gms  Dried coconut shredded.
350 gms  sugar powder.


1.Sieve the flour.
2.Mix the 6 tbsp oil / dalda with maida .
3.Using fingers ,mix well so that the mixture takes the form .
4.Now add some water and knead lightly.
5.Kept a side and cover with a wet cloth.
6.Now mash the khova and fry it in  kadi till colour changes to lightbrown.
7.Add sugarpowder and ilachi powder to khova and mix well.
8.Add almond ,cashews,coconut and raisins.
9.Fry for 2 mins in ghee and remove from flame.
10.Allow to cool.
11.Divide the maida dough in to small pieces and spread like poories.
12.Fill half the dough with khova mixture ,fold it and seal the round ,twisting the edges inwards,or take into special  Girdle  and  (Girdle is spreaded with small amount of ghee)  press and remove the extra maida.
13.Take care that the filling does not oozes out.
14.Prepare all the kajjikayalu and spread on cloth.
15.Heatghee in a kadi and fry all the kajjikayalu until gets golden colour.
16.Store  for use in air tight glass .
17.Eat very delicious and tasty kajjikayalu Andhra festival  dish.

Wheat milk halwa

Wheat milk Halwa.


Raw wheat milk, (goduma palu--1 cup,),
1  cup sugar,
Elachipowder-1 sp,
ghee -1/4 cup. dry fruits .


1.soak the wheat for over night .
2.Next day  grind the wheat by adding some water and sqeeze with a cloth and make wheat milk  and kept a side.
3.take a deep bottomed pan and add this milk and cook  on low flame.
4.Add sugar to the boiling milk and add ghee and stir well while boiling .
5.When the halwa becomes tight add elachi  and switch off the stove and  add some dry fruits .
6.Serve hot or cold .

Besan laddoo.

Besan laddoo


3/4 cup besan flour3/4 cup powdered sugar,
1/3 cup  ghee,
2 sp elachi,,
1 sp saffron colour.


1.Mix together the sugar and saffron colour and kept a side.

2.Melt the ghee in a kadai and add besan flour and cook slowly and stir well on sym.

3.When it comes to gloden brown colour.

4.Add caradamom powder and mix well.

5.Remove from the fire and take in to a plate.

6.Allow to cool .

7.Add sugar powder to this mixer .

8.Allow to mix well and cut in to equal parts.

9.Garnish with dry fruits.

10.Very easy and treditional  dish for festivals and marriages.


Put oil to y week.our hair atleast once in a week.

 Select almond and amla oil for your healthy hair.

Select only natural and herbal oils.
Oil nourishes the scalp and helps to grow long and thick hair.

Take some oil and  take with fingers and massage for 10 mins.

Use natural conditioners like henna ,amla powder .

Henna and Amla powder help in conditioning .

Use Egg white  take with fingers and apply all over scalp and hair  and wash with mild shampoo.

Wash the hair atleast 3 times a week.

Eat plenty of fruits and raw vegetables.

Take some vitamin supplemets and iron syrups for your long hair.

Hair must be remain clean then only  it will grow healthy.

Eat nutrient rich food with proteins and vitamins,carbohydrates.

Eat lots  of vegetable salads ,sea food ,if vegetarian  eat dal .

Deep condition your hair after shampoo.

If you want you take salon conditiong for better results .

Do hot towel therapy. Take a thick  towel and soak in  hot boiled water and remove it and rinse carefully and round up with your hair and scalp.

This can help like a spa.

Use only mild shampoo.Always  dilute with water and put in to your hair.

Take some hibiscus flowers and leaves and grind well in a mixy and  aplly hair for 2mins and rub with your hand and wash thouroughly with plenty of water.

Take a well ripened banana and grond well and put to your hair and after 20 mins wash  thoroughly.

The most important is to avoid stress.

If you remain healthy ,your hair become to remain healthy.

The people who are happy &healthy inside ,reflect their well being on their body and face and hair.

Do meditation and yoga.

These yoga and meditation help  to concentrate and remain  healthy.

Early in the morning do yoga one month  and see the amazing results.



DAY-1-------For brakepast you can have some black tea or black coffee with artificial sweetener,half cup citrus fruit and toast slice with one tbsp,of peanut butter.

For lunch you should eat ½  cup of Tuna fish  ,one slice toast and water and black tea with artificial sweeter.

For Dinner, of skinless chicken , ¼ cu 1 cup of carrots green beans,apple and vanilla ice cream,or curd. Wash the meal with black coffee.

DAY 2---------For brake past one  e of toast slice with one egg boiled or medium banana and one cup Black tea.

For lunch  One Cupful of Tuna fish ,water and Black tea or Black coffee with artificial sweetener

DAY 3----------For Brake past 5 salt biscuits ,Slice of cheddar chese,Medium  apple ,you can use little oil and salt to fish.

For Lunch  have one boiled egg Black coffee  with artificial  sweetner.

For dinnerc  carrots,cauliflower and melon   1 cup of tuna ½ cup vanilla icecream.Black coffee with artificial sweetner.

Some you can add in 3 days  diet plan.

Lemon  Juice  you can drink as much as.
Add little salt and little mustered oil.
Yogurt instead of ice cream.
Beans instead of carrots.



Naturally conceived twins occur in about 1 out of every 89 births. Under normal circumstances ,your odds  of conceiving twins are slim. You are curious  if there is anything you can do to naturally increase  your chances of having twins.

Mostly  having twins are really out of your control .Having family history of twins  will increase your chances of having twins .This is true if you have a family history of twins ,meaning someone on your mother’s side of the family has had twins, especially if they had fraternal twins.The reason  being is that there may be some genet

                                                       A component that may cause you to produce more than one egg during ovulation .This  “twin gene ”may be passed down from your parents to you .Identical twins are not through to be Hereditary.

 Some natural ways to increase the chances of getting Twins; 

Take Folic acid supplement ;Some of the studies are tells about  link between  Folic acid and conceiving  twins .One Australian study prove that women  who took folic acid before they got pregenant  were more likely to conceive twins. SO it shows that 40 % of  chances to conceive twins.

Gain weight;

A study in 2005 is found that Women who are overweight had a higher chance of having twins .women who were tall also had a higher chance of having twins.

Eat dairy products;

According to a recent study by  Dr .Gary Steinman ,a physician at long Island Jewish Medical center ,who is carrying  research on multiple pregnancies ,women who eat dairy are five times more likely to conceive twins than women who don’t .By taking more amount of milk and and  dairy products from growth hormone treated cows increases your chances of having twins.

Continue breastfeeding;

According to one Twin study   ,Women who were breast feeding when they conceive were 9 times more likely to conceive Twins than women who are  not breast feeding.

Eating Sweet potatoes;

Scientists say that women who eat Sweet potato  in large numbers can easily have twins. The thing  is that this vegetable contains certain elements influencing on fertility .


The Women at 35 or more have more chances to get pregnant with Twins.If a Women ,is more often “Hower  to get pregnant fast” because this is not recommended for  certain being in labor .People are less healthy at 35 than at 20-25.


There are some medications prescribed for certain fertility disorders treatment which can influence  a women body  and she will get pregenent with twins.

How to Make Dondakai Dry Prawns Curry

How to Make Dondakai  Dry Prawns Curry


  • Dondakayalu  - 2 cups small pieces.
  • Onions-1 .
  • Dry Prawns-1 cup.
  • Green chillies--3 ,oil  .

7 Day diet plan

7 Day diet plan

Easy & Cheepest  Way of Weight loss program at home.

                          First you have to take strong decission and fallow the plan strictly .Then you will loss 3 kgs of weight  in a week.
1.The women at pregnant.
2.The women in periods time.
3.The people who are crossed 60 yers.
4.The children who are below 18.
5.Dont do continuously take I week interval in between  .
6.The people who are sufferingfrombloodpressure and heart attacks ,and sugar.
7.The  Women aft delivery  ,until 5 months after delivery


1.After 18 years to 60 years of age.
2.The people who are Healthy.
3.The women after 5 months of delivery.
4.Fallow this plan  week after week ,don’t do this continuously.


DAY 1;----All fruits except bananas,Your first day consist of all types of fruits you want. Eat plenty of amount  mumst include watermelon and grapes and papaya,Guava,Apple and what you want.

Preparation;- Pell the papaya and watermelon and cut in to small pieces and then cut all the fruits and tke in to plate and rinse some pepper and salt .
Eat  plenty of this fruits morning afternoon and night.

DAY 2;------------All Vegetables you want  you can include  tomatoes andcapsicum, green chillies, cucumber ,keera Carrot ,beetroot.Add what everyou want raw vegetables.

Preparation; Take big potato boiled  and just shallow frywith  pinch of oil and pepper and salt  and take this as Brakefast .
Lunch—Take all the cut vegetables  and spray  pepper powder and salt to it and eat
Dinner----DO the same as Lunch.

DAY 3;--------Take both fruits and vegetales ,don’t take banana and potato today.

Preparation;-----------Cuts and  all the fruts and vegetables and eat withpinch of pepper powder.

Brekefast,Lunch ,Dinner  take as your wish.

DAY 4;------------One surpraise for you that is today we can eat banana
6 Bananas and 3 glasses of milk. One vegetable soup.

Brakepast------2 Banana and 1 glass (250 ml )of milk.
Lunch-----------2 bananas and 1 glass (250 ml) of milk
Dinner-----------2 Banana and 1 glass (250 ml) of milk

If you are feeling  hungry  take 1 cup of vegetable soup.
Preparation of vegetable soup--- take cabbage chopped and add tomatoes and 2 garlic cloves and add green chilly chopped and carrot and cucumber and oniond and add 3 glasses of water and take in to cooker and allow for 2 vissl

Eat this soup when ever you want

DAY 5;-To day is feast day..You  will eat 1 cup of rice ,Today cleanse your system of the exess uric acid you will be producing.

Brakefast—Eat  tomatoes 2.
Lunch-------Eat 1 cup of brown rice and 2 tomatoes.
Dinner------Eat 2 tomatoes and vegetable soup.

DAY 6;------Today is also vegetable day .You must eat 1 cup of rice and eat all the vegetables Cooked or Uncooked vegetables added .
Brake fast-------All vegetables .
Lunch---------1 cup of rice
Dinner-----------All vegetables.

DAY 7;----------Today food intake consist of 1 cup rice, 1/2 kg chicken.fruit juice 
Brakefast—CHICKEN CURRY 1 bowl.
Lunch----1 cup rice .Chicken curry1 bowl.
Dinner------- chicken curry 1 cup.and fruit juice.(ORANGE   JUICE)

Preparation of chicken curry;

Take chicken 1/2 kg and add tomatoes onions and green chilly and whole garammasala  and little salt and red chilly powder and  add 2 cups of water and 1/2  sp oil and pepper powder to it and cook for 3 vissles and make 3 parts and then eat  3  parts  of chicken  each   3 parts of the day.chicken will give you protein to the body.



How to Make Mysoor Bajji in Andhra Style

How to Make Mysoor Bajji (Andhra Style)

Urad dal-1 cup.
maida-2 cups
Onion  pieces-2 sps.
Oil for deep fry.


  1. Soak urad dal for 6 hours and grind well and make smooth paste .

Dosakai tamato curry,

Dosakai tamato curry,


Cucumber(dosakai)—2 cups,
Redchilly powder-1 sp,
1/2 sp-turmeric,
pinch of tamarind,
oil-2 sp.
1 – cup water.


1.,cut the onions and green chillies and cucumber small pieces and kept a side.
2 .Take a pan and addonions and green chilly and  fry for 1 min,
3  Add cucumber pieces and closethe lid andcook for 2 min,
4  Then add tomato pieces and close the lid for 2 mins ,stir inbetween.
5.add redchilly powder and turmeric and salt and 1 cup of water and allowto cook for 5  between add pinch of tamarind juice.
6.Garnish with coriander& curry leaves.