How to make Andhra Chitapandu Roti Pachchadi (Andhra Chutneys)


Chitapandu/tamarind lemon size
Redchillies-50 grms

Semya Payasam (సేమ్యా పాయసం)


Very thin Semya 1 cup
Milk - 3 Cups
Sugar - 1and 1/2 cup
Elaichi powder -1 spoon
Ghee -1 cup,
Kaju & Kismis - 1/2 cup.


  1. Take a pan add required ghee and melt and Fry Semya till golden color and kept a side.
  2. Add kaju and kismis and fry till color change(Firast fry kaju and Take out and then add Kismis because kismis will fry with in seconds).
  3. Boil the Milk  for 5 mints till rolling Boil.
  4. When the Milk burns (Rolling) Add fried semya and cook for 5-7 mints.
  5. Add kaju,kismis and 2 spoons ghee  and cook for 3 mints,when the semya  cooked well add sugar and if required add some boiled water and cook for 2 mints.
  6. Yummy semya payasam is ready.

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Attamma Biryani (Traditional Biryani) (ఆంధ్ర బిర్యాని)



Basmati rice                       -1 Kg
Potatoes                             -1 Cut into Cubes
Onion                                  - 4
Carrot                                 - 1 Cut into Rounds,
Biryani Masala                  - Star anise-4

Natu Kodi Kura (నాటు కోడి కూర)

Text Content:


Natu Kodi/Layer chicken -1 Kg
Garam masala powder -3 spoons,
Onions - 4 Nos
Green chillies -6 nos,
Redchilyy powder -2 spoons,
Turmeric powder -1 spoon,
Salt- as perTaste
Oil -3 Table spoons
Ginger garlic paste -2 spoons,
Coriander leaves -Hand full.


  • Take Chicken wash thoroughly with turmeric powder and salt and kept a side.
  • Take Onions and green chilly and cut in to small pieces.

Brinjal Bajji (Vankaya Bajji)


Brinjals Big-3,
Besan Flour-1 cup,
Rice flour-2 spoons,
Red chilly powder-1/2 pich,
Cooking Soda-1 spoon,
Coriander Leaves-2 spoons,
Oil-For Deep fry.


  • Take mixing Bowl Add 1 Cup Besan flour and rice flour,salt,red chilly power,and cooking soda .
  • Mix all Flours and add Coriander leaves and add Little water and make smooth batter.

How to make Maida Biscuits (Andhra Style)


Maida -2 cups,
Curry Leaves-2 Bunches Cut In to Small Pieces,
Redchilly Powder-1 spoon,
Cooking  Soda-1/2  Spoon,
Oil- For deep fry.


  • Take a mixing bowl Add Maida and cooking Soda Salt,Redchilly ,Curry leaves and Mix well.

Crab Curry (Pitalu Curry)


Crabs-1/2 k.g
GaramMasala Powder-3 spoons,
Redchilly powder-2 spoons,
Turmeric powder-1/2 spoon,
Salt -tasty,